Below you will find a listing of our regular group meditation sessions. All are welcome to join and stay for as much of these sits as you are able. Chairs, kneelers, and cushions are available. Please enter the meditation hall in noble silence.

The schedule varies for these sessions throughout the year, so please check the website calendar.

Morning Sit 6:30-7:30AM Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

We begin at 6:30 am by chanting Homage to the Buddha, the Refuges, and the Precepts. A bell rings at 7, then again at 7:30. Groups schedule here.

Afternoon Sit 3:00-5:00PM Monday, Wednesday and Friday

This Afternoon Sit includes alternating periods of sitting and walking. Groups schedule here.

Half-Day Sits (2nd and 4th Sundays of the Month  9AM-12:30PM)

This Half-Day Sit includes 40 minutes of sitting meditation alternating with 20 minutes of walking meditation. If you have any questions, please call Mel Schneider at 505-345-9165 or email him at . Groups schedule here.

There is no fee for participating in these programs. These programs are offered on the basis of Dana, a practice of mutual generosity that has been alive since the time of the Buddha. We invite our practitioners to offer a donation in the baskets outside the meditation hall or online.

The practice of Dana (generosity) lies at the heart of Buddhism.

Generosity strengthens relationship and reciprocity, reflecting a deep understanding of interconnectedness and freedom from craving. We welcome donations at events and here on our website.


Upcoming Events

“For the awakening of the heart, conditions are always good enough.”

- Ajahn Sumedo