Kim Allen Retreat — “Heart Mind Peace”

Sunday, January 31 — Saturday, February 6, 2021

The audio recordings for Kim’s sandwich retreat, as well as the slides, can temporarily be accessed through the document at  the following link. (Follow the links in the document and use the passwords located just below the links.) They will be posted directly on the sangha website shortly.

Weekly Meetings

Chris Benitez February 18, 2021 — “Impostor Syndrome”:


Tony Sager July 23, 2020:


Brian Lesage June 25, 2020:


Chris Benitez May 28, 2020:


Fred Herman May 24, 2020:


Nic Redfern April 19,2020:


Brian Lesage April 16,2020:


Tony Sager April 12, 2020:


Tam Saimons April 5, 2020:


Julie Tato March 15, 2020:


The practice of Dana (generosity) lies at the heart of Buddhism.

Generosity strengthens relationship and reciprocity, reflecting a deep understanding of interconnectedness and freedom from craving. We welcome donations at events and here on our website.


“For the awakening of the heart, conditions are always good enough.”

- Ajahn Sumedo