In this year-long program, we will explore the profound Buddhist teachings of dependent origination and
emptiness through the practices and understandings in Rob Burbea’s book Seeing That Frees, supplemented by
sutta readings and heart practices.

This exploration will be held within the container of community that we will co-create together. We will gear this exploration toward practicing in our day-to-day lives and making all of this relevant to our daily lives.

The structure of this 12-month program includes: Monthly sessions that will set the practice focus for the month.

Monthly homework will consist of reading a section of Seeing That Frees and engaging in assigned meditative practices. You will also have the option of engaging in a sutta contemplation and listening to a dharma talk. The meditative practices will be a combination of wisdom and heart practices.

Participants will be in a monthly group to support this exploration through discussion. (AIMC will organize small groups of our local community .) Participants will be invited to reflect on their explorations through written responses to monthly questions. This is intended to help participants deepen their exploration through contemplation.

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