Audio & Written Resources

Dharma Seed: Thousands of audio recordings of dharma talks, events, etc.
Audio Dharma: Thousands of audio recordings from Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City and Insight Retreat Center in Santa Cruz, many of them organized into classes and series of classes
IMS Resources: Audio and other resources for practice
Inquiring Mind: A journal dedicated to the transmission of Buddhadharma to the West
Guy Armstrong’s Reading List 2012: A bibliography of recommended dharma readings

Sutta Resources

Sutta Central: Thousands of translations of the Suttas by various translators in many languages
Navigating Sutta Central to Find Suttas: YouTube tutorial by Kim Allen on working with the Sutta Central website
Leigh Brasington’s Sutta Central shortcut page: The easiest way to access Suttas on Sutta Central
The Tipitika: A chart showing the structure of the Tipitika (The Three Baskets), including the Vinaya (rules for monastic behavior), the Suttas and the Abhidhamma (Buddhist psychology)

Teacher Websites

Liberating Awareness: Brian Lesage
Uncontrived: Kim Allen
The Brahma Viharas: DaeJa Napier
Dharma Wisdom: Phillip Moffitt

Regional Sanghas

Santa Fe Vipassana Sangha: Santa Fe, NM
Flagstaff Insight Meditation Community: Flagstaff, AZ
Durango Dharma Center: Durango, CO (Erin Treat, guiding teacher)

Monasteries and other organizations

Abhayagiri Monastery: Redwood Valley, CA *
Amaravati Monastery: Hertfordshire, England **
Barre Center for Buddhist Studies: an educational organization dedicated to exploring Buddhist thought and practice as a living tradition

* A recording of the monks of Abhayagiri Monastery chanting the Metta Sutta is played at our Metta Meditation meetings on Monday evenings.
** The lovely translation of the Metta Sutta that we use on Monday evenings was produced by the Amaravati Sangha and can be found here.

Retreat Centers

Insight Meditation Society: Barre, MA
Spirit Rock Meditation Center: Redwood City, CA
The Mountain Hermitage: Taos, NM (Marcia Rose, guiding teacher)
Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center: 50 miles west of Taos, NM (Erin Treat, guiding teacher)