One of the realities of this moment is that opportunities for our teachers are fewer and profoundly changed. Simultaneously, the pockets of many yogis are not as deep as in previous times, and we have seen that patterns of giving during on-line teachings are different than those in response to in-person teaching. What hasn’t changed is our direct experience of appreciation and generosity for their offerings so generously given.

AIMC wants to maintain hearty support for our teachers in these lean times, so the BOD has decided to make a change in how dana is given for Thursday evening teachings. We have initiated a process whereby a set honorarium is given to the teachers by the sangha— yogis are asked to give to AIMC, then those gifts will be supplemented from our general fund and sent to the teacher as a single donation.

We invite you to support this effort as fully as you are able, and you can give via the dana basket/donate button in the chat box during the session, or on the website.

Know that whatever you give is deeply appreciated, and will go to the teacher of the evening as part of the sanghas gift. 

If you have any questions or comments please use the website contact form.