A Meditation Center in the Theravada Buddhist Tradition

The Four Noble Truths: Diving Deeper

In January into February, we will take a dive into the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths, followed by concentration on the Eightfold Path. Below is the schedule through February 7.  
Thursday, January 3 Betsy Vanleit Overview of the Four Noble Truths
Sunday, January 6 Steve Katona Overview of the Four Noble Truths
Thursday, January 10 Kathryn Turnipseed First Noble Truth
Sunday, January 13 Betsy Vanleit First Noble Truth
Thursday, January 17 Kathryn Turnipseed Second Noble Truth
Sunday, January 20 Tam Saimons Second Noble Truth
Thursday, January 24 Brian Lesage What Do I DO? The Dharma of Decision-Making
Sunday, January 27 Emjae Jeanne Third Noble Truth
Thursday, January 31 Chris Benitez Third Noble Truth
Sunday, February 3 Emjae Jeanne Fourth Noble Truth
Thursday, February 7 Fred Herman and Betsy Vanleit Fourth Noble Truth