A Meditation Center in the Theravada Buddhist Tradition

Ethics and Reconciliation Council

The Albuquerque Insight Meditation Center (AIMC) Ethics and Reconciliation (EAR) encourages mutual respect and reconciliation within our community and with teachers. The health of our community is not measured by the presence or absence of conflict, rather by our willingness to find effective, responsible and compassionate resolution of interpersonal tensions when they arise. Because the process of reaching such resolution is often difficult, AIMC Ethics and Reconciliation (EAR) offers support. EAR is a group of two AIMC practitioners, appointed by the Board of Directors, and one Teacher who are available to any AIMC community member requesting help in dealing with conflicts and grievances within the AIMC community or with an AIMC Teacher. EAR’s primary role is to provide confidential consultation to anyone with conflicts and grievances that constitute ethical concerns. EAR may function:

a) as a sounding board for a sangha member’s concerns, b) as a source of questions to facilitate deeper personal reflection, c) as a source of advice on how best to resolve the conflict, and/or d) to facilitate useful discussion between parties in conflict.

Any AIMC community member may approach any EAR member for consultation. The EAR member will then notify the other two EAR members, and they together will determine how EAR can best be of service to the parties concerned and, if appropriate, the AIMC community as a whole. Other procedures, such as outside mediation, may sometimes be recommended. EAR members will serve a term of 2 years, which will be alternated out with the other member so that one experienced member will always be in service. An EAR member may choose to serve another 2-year term if asked and agreed upon. 2017 – 2019 EAR members are: Bill Hershey (505-842-0652). Erin Treat, Teacher representative (with Brian Lesage as a substitute when needed), will serve as long as she is AIMC Guiding Teacher. For a full description of the EAR council and the grievance procedure, see the Ethics and Reconciliation Council document.

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