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September 15, 2019 @ 2:00 pm 4:00 pm

We hope you will join us for our Annual Member Meeting, where we will review our sangha’s work and activities over the past year, discuss goals and dreams for the coming year, and vote on candidates for the Board.

Our main goal for the coming year is to recruit our own resident teacher for AIMC.  We would love your input about the qualities and experiences you value most in a teacher.  This is your opportunity to share in the co-creation of our community!

After the meeting, we will share in a potluck meal.

Everyone is welcome to attend, but in order to vote, you must renew your membership or sign up to become a member before the meeting. 

Statements from Candidates for the Board of Directors:

From Steve DeSaulniers:

Dear AIMC,

I am interested in serving on the AIMC Board to support our community of practitioners and teachers, many of whom I have come to know and enjoy their friendship.  I think it is important for us to have a space where we can practice together and hear the Dharma from dedicated teachers and spiritual friends.  I believe it is important to foster a community where everyone is welcomed and where everyone feels welcomed.   I think we have a wonderful community and space to do this.  This requires support from members, not only financially, but from members who are able and willing to contribute their time, knowledge and experience to help sustain and nurture the community, and to help manage the resources that support the community.  I believe I can help provide this kind of support. 

I have been practicing for several years and coming regularly to AIMC for over four years, usually attending the Thursday sits and talks, as well the retreats.  I have helped organize the Thursday evening openers and closers, and helped with some retreats as well.  When I do these activities, it gives me a stronger sense of belonging to the community, and I find the activities very enjoyable.  I have other life experiences that could be of benefit to the sangha such as organizing projects and implementing new initiative that involve multiple interested parties.  I also have some experience with overseeing operations and budgets.

I would be glad and grateful to serve on the Board to support the AIMC community.  I look forward to being a part of this community in whatever role that can be beneficial.  May you all be safe, well, happy and peaceful and have spiritual success! 


Steve DeSaulniers

From Donna Haughney:

I moved to Albuquerque 10 months ago and one of the reasons was the active Sangha at AIMC. This is the first time I have lived close to a Dharma community and find this Sangha to be delightful. I felt welcomed and comfortable at my first visit. The individual members, the flow of visiting teachers, the study groups, and the close proximity to several retreat venues makes this an ideal place for my new home. 

I have been practicing the Dharma since 1980, starting out in Tibetan Buddhism. My retreat practice for the past 25 years has been at IMS and the Forest Refuge on the East Coast. About 5 years ago I started integrating more study through the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. 

I believe that my skills developed from running a small business for over 20 years can be an asset to the Board. I have also participated in NonViolent Communication and Insight Dialogue practice groups over the years. Group communication/dynamics has been an ongoing challenge for me and am interested in deepening my practice in this area in a safe environment. 

In January, I started volunteering to help Cece with the AIMC online calendar and weekly newsletter. I am a regular attendee at the Sunday sits and weekend retreats. I also offered James Baraz’s “Awakening Joy “class this winter for 5 months with a small group at AIMC and am now certified to teach the class later this year. In addition, I am currently part of an ongoing small Kalyanamitta group. 

I am very committed to AIMC and would be happy to be of service on the Board of Directors. I believe I have the skills, the time (retired) and energy that would benefit AIMC. 

Thank you for your consideration. 

Donna Haughney 

Rosemont Center

200 Rosemont Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102 United States