A Meditation Center in the Theravada Buddhist Tradition


Everyone is welcome. We offer a wide range of opportunities for teachings. We are organized and managed by community members who volunteer time, effort and skills. Check the calendar for details.

Our activities include:

  • Weekly meditation and dharma discussions, Sundays and Thursdays, 6:30 pm.
    The usual format is: Forty-minute meditation followed by a talk or discussion. Some evenings we have extended meditations of sixty minutes.
    Our Sunday evening informal gatherings are facilitated by sangha members at various stages of practice supplemented with recorded talks and occasional talks by community dharma leaders or visiting teachers.
  • Morning sits, half-day sits and opportunities for independent practice
  • One- or two-day non-residential meditation retreats are held throughout the year.
  • Uposatha observances are held throughout the year. Uposatha days are times of renewed dedication to dharma practice, observed by adherents throughout the world of Theravada Buddhism, on days of full and new moons.
  • Visiting teachers
  • Study groups: Members are encouraged to form study groups, in which practitioners can discuss a stated topic and share their experiences. (Study groups are coordinated with the Education Committee.)
  • Individual practice discussions: Members have the opportunity to schedule individual practice discussions with community dharma leaders and some visiting teachers.
  • Opportunities for community sharing: monthly movie nights, tea and conversation following extended meditations, occasional dinners or potlucks, and Thursday evening dinners at a variety of restaurants.


Donations: Contributions to teachers are gratefully accepted. If you would like your teacher donation to be tax deductible, you can make the check payable to Albuquerque Vipassana Sangha (AVS) and indicate the teacher’s name in the memo field. We hope you’ll be generous.

We gratefully accept donations to help us pay for teacher expenses, meeting spaces and other operating costs.