A Meditation Center in the Theravada Buddhist Tradition

Community Dharma Leader

Spirit Rock Meditation Center offers a Community Dharma Leader Program, which provides training and support for community leaders who are committed to and rooted in Dharma practice. This training, while embedded in the ancient lineage of Theravada, is designed to encourage creative, intuitive and innovative responses enabling these timeless teachings to be applied to our contemporary lives, offering us a path through the complex difficulties of our world in spiritual, social, political, cultural, interpersonal, and personal contexts.

Kathryn Turnipseed

Kathryn Turnipseed has been practicing vipassana meditation since 1997, sitting numerous intensive retreats at the Insight Meditation Society (IMS), Spirit Rock and the Mountain Hermitage. In 2012 she graduated from the Community Dharma Leader training program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Kathryn is a member of Albuquerque Insight Meditation Center. She is a GreenFaith fellow and serves on the board of the Vallecitos Mountain retreat Center.