A Meditation Center in the Theravada Buddhist Tradition

Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Anne/Osa Arkin President Started two-year term 9/2016
Miriam Komaromy Vice President Started two-year term 9/2016
Debbie Benton Secretary Started two-year term 9/2017
Daniel Collett  Treasurer   Started two-year term 9/2017
Alison Owens  Board Member   Started two-year term 9/2017
Lisa Herrington  Board Member Started two-year term 9/2016
Mel Schneider  Board Member Started two-year term 9/2017
Jennifer Tucker  Board Member Started two-year term 9/2017

Board meetings are held on the third Monday evening of every other month and are listed in the calendar. All community members are encouraged to attend. If you have questions or input regarding board meetings or the agenda, please contact the board president, Anne/Osa Arkin at 

Board members serve two-year terms. Officers serve one-year terms. New board members are elected in the fall at the annual membership meeting. About half the board members are replaced each year when their two-year terms are up. Hence, several board members continue their terms each year to help the new members get started. Each meeting lasts approximately two hours. Please consider volunteering for the board. It is a valuable and much appreciated service to the community and a great way to get involved.

We are grateful to the following people have served on past or present boards: Anne Arkin, Will Arthur, Tiska Blankenship, Alok Bohara, DD Boone, Sivakumar Challa, Cynthia Dettman, Deborah Donelson, Andrea Escher, Elisa Ganade, Vicki Gottlieb, Joan Granger, Christine Hall, Fred Herman, Lisa Herrington, Deborah Hill, Bonnie Kelly, Judith Kidd, Kelly Klein, Miriam Komaromy, Suzanne Kryder, Sandy Lee, Kempton Lindquist, Lydia Lopez Maestas, Joanne McEntire, Shannon McKee, Wesley Morton, Kenneth Munoz, John O’Keefe, Alison Owens, Alice Powsner, Sherry Prud’homme, Elizabeth Rapaport, Wynette Richards, Holly Rodecap, Valerie Roth, Mary Roy, Tamara Saimons, Monique Salhab, Mel Schneider, Sarah Schwartz, Debra Serrino, Gary Serrino, Suzanne Sluizer, Paula Stern, Paul Tashjian, Terry Thompson, Kathryn Turnipseed, Ted Ulinski, Betsy VanLeit, Jon Viscoli, and Mary Young.